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Godspeed EP

by seanco

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From the bottom to the tippy top, The hard work is not the rock that you’re pushing up. It’s the way you think about it in your head, Taking pleasure in the work so I know I’ll get ahead And I won’t stop pushing till I’m dead, And I’ll always have the backs of my friends. It feels like the world might end - But ya’ll can depend on me. I’ma show you how to stay free, People out there clipped their own damn wings, They lopped their own legs off up tot he knees. Now you’ve got to drop down and say, “please help me”, “We’re in the pot boiling, choking on the steam”. Thank God I got a damn good team, They catch me when I fall, And I know who to call when my back’s up against the wall. Thank you all. Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all. From the bottom of my big ‘ol heart. Thank you God. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you God. I want to see you all flourish. You’ve gotta have the courage to step through the gateway of fear. Words convolute, but action is clear, Quit sitting in the back seat, dear. Your dreams don’t magically appear, And ain’t nobody gonna come save you here… You’ve got to sharpen your nails, climb up the walls of the hole, Dig your toes right into the soil. The womb of the earth embraces the seed, Then it pushes up into a tree as the roots dive deep underneath the surface, Nobody can stop you when you’re living with a purpose. If you focus in on the worst bits, then you hold yourself back. A mind full of crap can’t defend the attack, These drones are controlled by the men in black That are sitting in the back of the room. They mainline you fear in the news, To keep your head full of doom & gloom, You can only free yourself by sharpening your own damn tools. Turn off the TV and put down your phone, Sit there alone, breathe and tell your Father that you feel him in your home, Get into the zone and experience the flow. The river is rushing and cutting the land, I hold the world in my hands, I mold the future with my plans, My old life crumbled, now it’s all sand and it’s blowing in the wind. I wanna see my whole team win, I wanna see you sitting there smirking with a grin on your face, Because you got a taste of the light… God told me that it’s gonna be alright. God told me that it’s gonna be alright. God told me that it’s gonna be alright. God told me that it’s gonna be alright. God told me that it’s gonna be alright.


I almost died of heatstroke in the Cascade Mountains. Caught a splash of horse pee right in the eyes. I accidentally melted a barbecue one night. I’ve danced in the light of the sun and bathed in the Glory of Mother Nature’s systems. I’ve flown down the Canyons of Idaho with Eagles. Roamed with the buffalo in Wyoming. I outran all those gravel road farm dogs. Broke bread with the locals. Saw the stars like I ain't never seen ‘em before. The freckles melted right off my face, you know.

I spread his ashes in countless rivers across the vast American lands. Conquered the peaks of mountains and the winds of the prairie. I have camped in many places where you definitely aren’t supposed to sleep. I survived the New Jersey Turnpike, but my rear bicycle wheel did not. Strangers around every turn have helped me while asking for nothing. I’ve been showered in unbridled kindness. Ignited the will to push forward when I felt like it might actually kill me. I’ve stepped into the fire, been consumed by it, and have emerged on the other side radiating immense gratitude.

A wealth of new experience has alchemized within me and is expanding out into the world from my fingertips. But some feelings can not be translated into words. When those feelings arise, music becomes the conduit.

The Godspeed EP is a collection of new music that encapsulates many feelings, and many state changes along its path forward. It is a reminder that as we traverse the temporary lifespan of embodiment, the road turns left and right, it moves up and down, and sometimes it gets steep. It calls the listener to believe that all roads lead back to the same place when you ride far enough and to keep going through the mounting adversity you will surely face along the way. It calls us to do the individual work needed to consciously evolve as we move closer and closer to the singularity.

This music was made in Logic Pro and Ableton Live 9 with a midi controller and a pair of 3” monitors loaned to me by my brother Bob. Thanks Bob, you’re the man and without your generosity, I wouldn’t have made this music.

Always remember that "the only way out is through". May these sounds find you well, my friend, and may the Sun shine upon your face.


released August 6, 2021

May this music uplift the spirt of hue-man beings everywhere, calling them to work together as they rise to the occasion at hand. May this music show us that we share common ground and common interests.

Dedicated to Tucker, the Sun, the eternal fire, the mountains, the wind, the rain, and the open road.

All Tracks Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by seanco in 2021.


all rights reserved



seanco San Francisco, California

every thing is light.


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